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How to Check Safeway Gift Card Balance Online


If you’re looking up to check your Safeway gift card balance at, you’re at right place. Safeway as the name suggests is a safe way to purchase different grocery items and life saving drugs. Safeway started as a small business in 1915 and m now over a period of 100 years has expanded itself throughout the US.

As the Safeway Store expanded so did the facilities provided by it. In this era of modern technology Safeway has like others found a way to help the customers check the balance on their Safeway Gift Card.

Safeway gives a large variety of cards:

As soon as you open the Safeway website, you come across many possibilities. But you are desperate to buy a gift card to give it to your friend on his birthday. You need to view the variety of options on Safeway.

Safeway not only gives cards from different retailers and popular restaurants but also is associated with Visa, AMEX and Mastercard. Prepaid cards are available for digital gaming and online entertainment, ticket cards for various theme parks, ski resorts and more and sports cards from major leagues and teams’ fans.

Safeway also has Gift Cards available for every occasion; birthday, anniversary, father’s day, get well soon, wedding and many more. You can even make your own customized card for someone very special or even you can use it yourself. You can choose your favorite picture and order your card.

What to do before Checking Safeway Gift Card Balance?

You all very well know that I order to check Safeway Gift Card Balance; you need to have the Gift Card first. How will you get it? Register first on Safeway website then sign in to your online account. Click on the Gift Card tab then visit the gift mall card. On the other page select any card you want to purchase. Fill the form and submit your request. That’s all!

How to Check Safeway Gift Card Balance?

As discussed earlier Safeway has a wide range of Gift Cards which include card issuer’s names such as Visa, AMEX and MasterCard. Also Safeway has associated itself with other brands also and has given the customers a long list of products to choose from. So checking Balance of each card will be different.

If you have purchased a Visa Gift card through Safeway then checking Balance will not be so difficult. Go to the site, there you will find two options. Select the Visa gift card check balance. On the next page click check balance and transaction option. Enter card number, expiry date, 3 digit code and hit “submit” button. The balance can be viewed on the next page.

Step by Step:

  1. Visit the “check my balance” link.
  2. Hit the button “CHECK BALANCE” given just under Visa® Gift Card panel.
  3. Fill the form with information such as Gift Card Number, Expiration Date, and 3-Digit Code (CVV2).
  4. Finally, hit the button “Submit” to check your current balance of Safeway gift card.

The customers who have purchased other branded gift cards from Safeway, they can view their Gift Card Balance by visiting the store website or call on the customer care service number at the back of the card.

Store Card Balance Check

Note: if you want to check your store card balance, please check the company website or by call the number on the back of your card.

Mobile App Usage:

You can also download Safeway App, Safeway Online Shopping App and Safeway Pharmacy App from Google Play Store and Apple App Store to check the Balance of your different gift cards.

You must have known by now why people prefer to purchase Gift Cards from Safeway as they have a vast variety and checking their balance is the easiest way to do it.

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